RealTimeMonitor Frequently Asked Questions

What sources does the RTM pull from?

RTM covers a variety of sources to deliver a broad selection of relevant data. Sources include:

  • Twitter’s firehose
  • Facebook’s public domain
  • WordPress – an open source blog platform. Currently, the most popular CMS on the internet
  • Digg – a leading social news website

How does the RTM convert the feeds into data?

Through a relationship with premier text analytics software provider, Lexalytics, the RTM uses a natural language algorithm to transform unstructured text into structured data. The software extracts entities (i.e. people, places, companies, etc…), quotes, opinions and themes from the text in social media and other forums.

How do I set it up?

Once you have signed on for a subscription, you will receive a login and can immediately start using the RTM. It is a web based platform, which means there is no software to download or install, and you can access your account from any web browser.

What comes with a subscription?

The subscription includes one site license which provides:

  • 10 Custom, Proprietary Monitors
  • Access to RTM’s PreBuilt Monitor Library

What is the PreBuilt Monitor Library?

Prebuilt Monitors will include the S&P 500 Index as well as topical actionable and investable monitors covering themes, products, events, companies. These monitors can be further customized to meet the user’s needs.