RealTimeMonitor’s main features

The RealTimeMonitor is a financial research tool that provides its users with real-time search, analysis, sentiment scoring and alerts on any topic, company, stock, event, product or person using Twitter, Facebook and other realtime social media.

RealTimeMonitor (RTM)

Clients can track any proprietary set of terms or stocks in realtime. RTM analyzes each message for degrees of negative, positive or neutral sentiment and can alert based on sentiment, frequency and other key changes.

In addition to any custom monitors, clients may follow monitors set up by top experts in each key sector of investment. Clients can access all monitors from a user-friendly dashboard and set up alerts to notify them of key changes based on custom alert levels.

My Dashboard

A customizable dashboard gives users a summary of their monitors and RTM activity. It also displays Frequency & Sentiment Deviation Alert Notifications when Monitors experience an increase in traffic or change in sentiment. Alert parameters are predefined based on client preference.


Frequency Alerts

Set a custom frequency alert for each of your Monitors and receive an automated notification when traffic increases by your pre-set amount.



Sentiment Deviation Alert

RTM analyzes each tweet and message for degree of positive, negative or neutral sentiment. Receive an alert when sentiment changes by a degree that you specify.




We are able to identify the real-world geographic location of where social media updates are being generated from. We are also able to identify the sentiment of those updates. We can then pinpoint the location of the update all the way to the street level.


Trending word cloud

A visual representation of keywords that pertain to each monitor. The importance of the trending term is specified by font size and is color coded green or red to identify the sentiment surrounding that term.




A representation of key market indices. By tracking ticker for each member of an index we are able to graphically depict the volume of updates by size and gauge the sentiment by color. We also have the ability to create unique heatmaps for those wishing to track a portfolio.




We pull data from an array of different social media outlets. We have access to Twitter’s Firehose, Facebook, Digg, Blogs/Message Boards, Amazon, Youtube, Topix and Reddit. We also have both Tencent and Sina Weibo, which makes us the first social media outlet to tap into Chinese Social Media.